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  • MARTIN TUGWELL BLOG: Regional funding allocation would help ensure transport strategy is delivered

    England's Economic Heartland should commit to going 'harder and faster' on reaching net zero emissions from transport before the nationwide legal requirement of 2050.

    That is the message from EEH's recent consultation on the draft Transport Strategy, with residents and organisations calling for an even more ambitious path to decarbonisation, particularly given the region's renowned expertise in green technology innovation.

    At their meeting on Friday, elected members of EEH's Strategic …

    November 30th 2020
  • BLOG: With freight, we must not miss the good by waiting on the perfect

    Whilst there remains uncertainty  regarding how the country will emerge after COVID-19, one thing we can rely on is the country's need to produce, trade and supply goods.

    The majority of freight is currently carried on our roads.

    Some of these lorry movements will be generated exogenously by the UK's reliance on an import based supply chain and growth in deep sea ports but most will consist of inbound freight …

    September 18th 2020
  • Virtual annual conference 2020

    EH's virtual annual conference took place on September 15, attended by more than 320 people.

    You can find a recording of the conference below.

    Theme 1: Introduction and scene setting

    Ministerial address: Baroness Vere, Roads Minister, Department for Transport

    Mayor Dave Hodgson, elected Mayor of Bedford and Chair of EEH's Strategic Transport Forum offers an update on EEH's draft Transport Strategy

    A political perspective from Greg Smith, …

    September 18th 2020
  • BLOG: Understanding the Heartland's people

    There is no doubt, the way we are using public and shared transport has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    However, this country cannot, and will not, achieve our legal commitments to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 without a fully functioning, effective public and sustainable transport network. And it is upon all of us: users, operators, transport planners, policy makers and funders to support that, creating …

    September 14th 2020
  • BLOG: Putting the social into sustainability

    isa diagram.png

    Social sustainability is possibly the least defined element within the sustainability debate, or at the very least often attracts a smaller amount of attention.

    People's minds often automatically go to the environment, an undoubtedly important element of sustainability which is underpinned by environmental legislation and guidance. But what about the 'social' pillar?

    The classic three pillar diagram of sustainable development shows that we need all three elements  to achieve the …

    September 10th 2020
  • Passenger Rail Study 'vital for improving understanding of future needs'

    The Passenger Rail Study Phase One, conducted by Network Rail in collaboration with EEH, is a baseline assessment and review of the existing rail network and levels of service in the region.

    This process has enabled EEH to identify and understand where significant rail connectivity gaps exist, what rail enhancements are in development or delivery and what decarbonised/non decarbonised services there are on the network. The outputs from it …

    September 3rd 2020
  • BLOG: "Maybe the region’s next transformational rail project begins here…"

    No sooner is the ink dry on EEH’s first phase of its Rail Study and it’s already ‘all aboard’ for Phase 2.

    This project is concerned with the economics of the Heartland’s railway, in other words, if we crank up the rail offering where do we get our greatest ‘bang for our buck’?

    The Phase 1 study shone the spotlight on parts of the region where journeys by rail are …

    September 3rd 2020
  • BLOG: Realising our founders' vision

    Every idea has a moment in time when it first surfaces. 

    It was the autumn of 2014 when Cllrs Jim Harker, Ian Hudspeth and Martin Tett conceived the idea of a grouping of like-minded political and business leaders coming together in a strategic partnership: an idea that would quickly become England's Economic Heartland.

    At the heart of their initiative was the recognition that:

    • Strategic infrastructure issues (and solutions) extend beyond …
    August 17th 2020
  • Graduate civil engineer wins EEH Vision 2050 competition

    vison judging panel with Emily ltor Lynda Addison Peter Stonham Emily Seabrook Sadie Morgan Lucy Ellis.jpg

    England's Economic Heartland has announced the winner of its Vision 2050 competition, which encouraged a fresh perspective on the future of the region's transport system from students, graduates, apprentices and others new to the sector.

    Emily Seabrook, a graduate civil engineer at Skanska, was chosen by a renowned judging panel for her holistic approach to connectivity, focusing on better access and connectivity throughout the Heartland region, maximising and complementing …

    August 17th 2020
  • BLOG: Why we've chosen two pathways to decarbonisation

    One of the main ambitions set out in EEH’s Draft Transport Strategy is for the region’s transport system to be ‘net-zero carbon’ by 2050 at the latest.

    This implies a substantial change in the vehicle fleet towards zero-emission vehicles, coupled with technological solutions to improve both vehicle efficiencies and the use of the road and rail networks, and promoting behaviour change of drivers and passengers to reduce the number and …

    August 5th 2020