Transport Strategy

England's Economic Heartland's 'Transport Strategy: Connecting People, Transforming Journeys', provides the region and government with an evidence-based, vision-led framework focused on enabling economic growth in a way that delivers a net zero transport system by as early as 2040.

'Connecting People, Transforming Journeys' was submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport in February 2021, enabling the region’s priorities to shape investment decisions going forwards, as well as being the foundation for EEH to work with its partners, growth boards and national initiatives, including the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

The strategy was developed by EEH’s Strategic Transport Forum of political and business leaders, informed by a robust body of technical evidence and the Integrated Sustainability Appraisal, and shaped by two rounds of public engagement with its partners, stakeholders, residents and businesses, ensuring it represents the priorities of the region.

Its overarching aim is to support sustainable economic growth with an ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions from transport by 2040, ten years ahead of the legal requirement of 2050. By drawing on the region’s strengths in science and technology innovation, we believe we can set ourselves this more challenging ambition, responding positively to a clear message from our consultation.

Enabling growth in a way that improves the environment requires a fundamental switch in the way the region’s transport system is planned and delivered.

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The strategy includes policies to:

The strategy includes an Investment Pipeline of immediate priorities for the region. And it details our connectivity studies which will see us work with partners to identify the interventions that need to be added to the pipeline in order to deliver on our ambition for the transport system.

The need for change in the way we plan and develop our transport system extends through to how we deliver infrastructure on the ground. Moving forward our focus is on using the strength of collaborative working to:

  • Support our partners in accelerating the delivery of known investment priorities
  • Work with our partners to develop proposals identified in the Investment Pipeline to make them ‘shovel ready’
  • Increase our capacity and capability as a region to deliver investment priorities more efficiently and effectively.
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