Connectivity Studies

Our connectivity studies will identify the interventions (physical and digital) that are required in order to improve the transport system across the Heartland.

Co-designed and taken forward with local partners, our work will first identify the strategic questions relating to connectivity in each study area (both in the present and as a result of planned growth), to agree the outcomes required of the transport system and to then identify the investment required to achieve those outcomes.

Opportunities created by transformational public transport schemes will be incorporated into analysis for relevant corridors. Solutions identified by the connectivity studies will feed into the Investment Pipeline associated with the Transport Strategy.

The studies will also enable the transport implications of choices in other areas of public sector policy to be considered. This is particularly important where new models of service delivery are being considered that would have the potential to significantly change future travel demand.

Following a rigorous selection process based on consultation with our partners and information held in our Regional Evidence Base, 10 broad corridors for been chosen for the connectivity studies.

We expect the first two studies to commence in March 2021. These are Oxford – Milton Keynes; and Peterborough – Northampton – Oxford.

Map of connectivity studies programme

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