Strategic connectivity: connectivity studies

Our multimodal connectivity studies put the words in our transport strategy into action.

Our connectivity studies identify potential interventions to improve the transport system across a number of strategic corridors.

The first two connectivity studies, Oxford-Milton Keynes and Peterborough-Northampton-Oxford completed in December 2022 and you can read the reports above.

A third connectivity study covering Swindon-Didcot-Oxford is anticipated to complete in early 2023. Two further studies – ‘Thames Valley-Bucks-Milton Keynes-Northampton’ and ‘Southern east-west corridor’ – will be commenced in 2023. Subject to funding, a Luton-Bedford-North Northants study will commence in 2023/24.

Produced after extensive stakeholder engagement and compliant with DfT transport appraisal guidance, the studies provide clarity on investment opportunities which EEH and its local authority partners can seek to progress.

Based on the policies and principles of EEH’s transport strategy, the interventions are aimed at increasing economic growth while reducing emissions to net zero by 2050. They may include measures to ensure the right traffic is on the right roads, support the uptake of EV vehicles, boost rail connectivity and increase use of active travel and public transport, while reducing the impact of freight on the environment and communities.

During the period of the 2022-2025business plan, we will...

Complete the current programme of connectivity studies and, following this, review whether there are any further areas of study or evidence needed as a result of their conclusions.

Alternative futures

To support a high level qualitative assessment of infrastructure scenarios, four alternative futures have been developed. The alternative futures will be applied, as appropriate, across our technical programme, beginning with the connectivity studies.

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