EEH urges further engagement on ticket office plans

September 4th 2023

Proposed changes to railway ticket offices should not go ahead without further engagement with affected communities, England’s Economic Heartland has told train operators in its consultation response to the plans.

Our response includes four key principles which should inform any changes that are made. These are:

  • Any proposed changes need to consider the issues of passenger safety, security and assistance carefully- all passengers should easily be able to access help and support when using stations on the rail network.
  • Any shift to provision of electronic vending machines over provision of manned ticket offices should ensure that the same range of ticket products are still available, and that customers are clear on where they can seek assistance on ticketing options and machine operation if required.
  • Any changes to ticket office facilities should not disadvantage those with particular accessibility needs, or who are not able to use relevant technology. The impacts and opportunities to help such customers should be thoroughly assessed.
  • Changes to provision of ticket office facilities should not lead to confusion or lack of clarity on provision of help to passengers using the rail network.

EEH’s response urges station owners to undertake wider engagement with local authorities, including through England’s Economic Heartland’s Strategic Transport Leadership Board.

Read full response here