EEH Team looks ahead to 2024

December 21st 2023

EEH Team

The EEH team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From our work to improve bus journeys and support the rollout of electric vehicles, through to successfully leading the case for investment in Ely junction and maximising opportunities from East West Rail , 2023 has certainly been a busy one for EEH.

With 2024 on the horizon we asked the EEH team to give us their new year’s resolutions – we can assure you we’ll do everything in our power to ensure the work ones keep on track, though we can’t guarantee some of the personal ones!

What are the EEH Team's New Year's Resolutions?

Naomi Green, EEH Managing Director:

Work: To ensure that the time given from EEH’s partners – across our Board, Senior Officer and wider stakeholder groups – all lead to delivery on the ground and better outcomes for our communities and businesses. To see Mobility Hubs securing investment and to our Regional Centre of Excellence becoming a really effective and valued part of the region’s infrastructure delivery landscape.

Personal: To finally train my naughty dog so she isn’t always barking in the background on conference calls

Nathalie Mazhunga, Project Officer:

Work: To continue to gain the relevant knowledge and skills to help ensure that the procurement/project management processes for the team are a lot more effective and efficient and to help reduce delays and eliminate overall risks.

Personal: To read at least 1 book a month for the next year.

Trevor Brennan, Project Lead:

Work: To showcase all the work EEH undertakes, at every opportunity. Ensuring that we provide an evidence led approach to our Bus policy and advocacy work.

Personal: To take more time for family and myself!

James Gagg, Project lead:

Work: Working effectively with our partners, the rail industry and others such as East West Rail Company to progress our rail line priorities towards delivery. This will include championing service changes that give benefits to our region, maximising opportunities to plan for improved first mile/ last connectivity to existing and new stations including on East West Rail, as well as ensuring already confirmed schemes such as Ely are fully developed.

Personal: To find time to read more books.

Hanane Elmaarouf, Business Operations Assistant:
Work: To continue to work closely with management to ensure an efficiently run EEH business unit as well as our events.

Personal: Make more healthier choices & read a book a month

Suzanne Winkels, Technical Programme Manager:

Work: To ensure that our partners continue to be supported and invested through the work programme that we deliver so we can continue to demonstrate the value that EEH deliver for them.

Personal: To try and make it back to New Zealand for my Dad’s 95th Birthday

Adam King, External Affairs and Policy Manager:

Work: Continue to provide a clear voice to government on the priority schemes in the region and to advocate for the changes – such as long-term transport funding for local authorities – which would greatly support our partners.

Personal: Try to find the positives of turning 40 during 2024!

Erin Pitcher, Business Operations Assistant:

Work: To advance and grow the Early Careers network. To continue to work on the skills and capacity and capability projects to support our local authorities.

Personal: Try as many new recipes as I can!

Abi Nichols, Project Lead:

Work: To continue to make the case for the integration of active travel in the transport system, to enable communities to have healthy and sustainable transport choices available to them.

Personal: To attempt to keep all my house plants alive in 2024!

James Golding-Graham, Head of Decarbonisation and Innovation:

Work: Learn more about project finance and engaging with the private sector to realise benefits of investing in sustainable transport solutions

Personal: Make the perfect toasted cheese sandwich – and maybe go for a run.