Evidence Base

Since it was established in 2016, EEH has developed comprehensive evidence base on behalf of the region, which will continue to inform our work as we identify and prioritise the investment required for the region to support sustainable growth while decarbonising the transport system.

The evidence base is always available to our partners (both within the region and nationally) ensuring that EEH, its partners and indeed government are working from a consistent evidence base line for the Heartland. By making the evidence base freely available to partners, including government, it’s been possible to avoid spending time and money on re-establishing the base line at the start of individual pieces of technical work.

EEH has made it a key requirement that the database and models comprising the regional evidence base can be used without the need for specialist knowledge or skills, further enhancing their added value.

The evidence base is available for free to all our member authorities – it is frequently used by local authority colleagues in scheme planning and the preparation of funding bids. We are also happy to share to wider partners, in order to ensure a consistent approach and cut duplication