Spending Review 2021

September 7th 2021

Today the Chancellor announced the launch of a three year Spending Review which will set resource and capital budgets for 2022-23 to 2024-25 and conclude on 27 October 2021, alongside Autumn Budget 2021.

EEH's Spending Review 2021 submission has been considered by our Strategic Transport Forum and is due to go before our new 'Strategic Transport Leadership Board' later this month for final ratification.

Our submission is about turning the words in our transport strategy into actions. With the right investment in improving connectivity, we can unlock economic growth in our region for the benefit of the UK, while achieving net zero as early as 2040.

The submission takes a four‑pronged approach to securing the necessary investment in the Heartland’s transport infrastructure:

  1. Securing the capital funding required to support partners commence the construction and/or delivery of known priorities before 2025.
  2. Securing the revenue funding required to develop schemes identified in the investment pipeline through the planning and development phase to make them ‘oven ready’.
  3. Securing the funding to increase regional capacity and capability in support of partners developing and delivering investment priorities.
  4. Ensuring the government’s commitment to sub-national transport bodies is appropriately reflected by a long-term commitment to their resourcing

Alongside the Spending Review, EEH continues to ensure that National Highways and Network Rail's separate investment programmes are maintaining their focus on delivery of our region's priorities.