Passenger Rail Study 'vital for improving understanding of future needs'

September 3rd 2020

The Passenger Rail Study Phase One, conducted by Network Rail in collaboration with EEH, is a baseline assessment and review of the existing rail network and levels of service in the region.

This process has enabled EEH to identify and understand where significant rail connectivity gaps exist, what rail enhancements are in development or delivery and what decarbonised/non decarbonised services there are on the network. The outputs from it have informed the Draft Transport Strategy.

EEH Project Lead Antony Swift said: "The Passenger Rail Study marks an important first step in setting out the need for rail to play a more significant role in our transport system."

Adrian Bocking, Head of Strategic Planning for Network Rail’s Central and West Coast South Routes, added: “Working with England’s Economic Heartland is vital to improve our understanding of the region’s future rail needs. The combination of evidence and partnership working means we will be able to develop and support the best initiatives to plan a better railway for passengers, freight users and local communities.”

The study's phase two will establish the economic benefits of providing better rail connectivity in the future - please see Project Lead Antony Swift's blog for more information.