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The key priorities for England’s Economic Heartland are:

  • Delivery of East-West Rail – both the western and central sections
  • Investment in an East-West Expressway road, recognising that this may be achieved incrementally
  • Investment in the key transport hubs – recognising that high-quality hubs are attractive as a focus for investment
  • Support for the identification of a Major Road Network – a combination of Highways England’s road network and the more significant roads owned and operated by Local Transport Authorities
  • Investment in strategic local connectivity – investing in improved access within urban areas, the so called ‘first mile/last mile’

Other priorities focussed on our wider infrastructure are:

  • Digital and mobile connectivity – ensuring that the digital infrastructure supports inward investment nationally and direct foreign investment
  • Power networks – ensuring that capacity in the network does not act as a constraint on development
  • Commercial viability of sites and utilities – ensuring that investment is made in utility networks ahead of new commercial and housing development
  • Public Services – looking for Government to work with local partners to ensure there is sufficient investment in education and skills development
  • Funding and Financing – realising opportunities to put in place more innovative approaches to funding and financing investment in infrastructure
  • Planning – looking to improve the co-ordination of planning for strategic infrastructure and simplification/acceleration of planning processes as a means of improving certainty for investors ​
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