10 September 2019

The Institution of Civil Engineers today published its State of the Nation report which sets out a series of interventions for better integrating the planning and delivery of housing and infrastructure.   

EEH Programme Director, Martin Tugwell, said: "The ICE's State of the Nation report makes for some very interesting reading.

"In particular, the recommendation for Sub-national Transport Bodies to become Strategic Infrastructure Bodies - with a co-ordinating role across wider infrastructure – merits further exploration.

"Right from our inception five years' ago the EEH leaders have advocated that the ambitions for our region requires joining-up investment in wider strategic infrastructure.

"It's important that we have a way of aligning investment in transport, digital connectivity and utilities to a shared ambition.

"Indeed, investment across the infrastructure board is essential in enabling our residents and businesses to realise their potential, attract inward investment and accelerate the delivery of planned growth.

"EEH leaders are actively exploring the merits of this approach as part of their core work and would welcome a conversation with Government about how to make this real at a regional scale."