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A428 to Cambridge

The solution to the notorious single carriageway section of the A428 between the A1, Black Cat roundabout and Caxton Gibbet, one of the poorest standard and most congested truck roads in England, is an upgrading to ‘expressway’ standard.

24 October 2016

A new report from Oxford Economics has identified Northampton as a key part of the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Growth Corridor.

30 September 2016

Co-ordinating strategic investment to support the Heartland’s economy could propel this global cluster firmly onto the world’s competitive stage and provide much needed resilience for the UK economy as a whole.

17 August 2016


An article from Transport Times covering the aims, priorities and ongoing work of the Alliance

10 August 2016

A successful economy that’s bursting to give even more may find it difficult in the future without better roads, rail and bus services.

02 August 2016

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