Vision 2050 competition

England's Economic Heartland is encouraging a fresh perspective on the future of the region's transport system by launching Vision 2050, a 'competition' for students, post graduates and professionals in the earlier stages of their careers.

As part of its engagement on the Outline Transport Strategy, people who have more recently embarked on their careers are being invited to submit up to 500 words on how the transport system should fulfil EEH's vision of 'connecting people and places with opportunities and services' up to 2050.

Entries should relate back to the three priority principles which underpin the strategy: economic growth; accessibility and inclusion; and quality of life and environment. Submissions may wish to give a broad overview of the future transport system, or focus on a single element, mode or priority principle.

Entries will be published in a special document to accompany EEH's formal consultation on the draft Transport Strategy. In addition, the most innovative entry/ies chosen by the judging panel will have their ideas brought to life in images produced by spatial design agency, 5th Studio, which has produced eye-catching Future Visions for EEH's Outline Transport Strategy.

Mayor Dave Hodgson, chair of EEH's Strategic Transport Forum, said: "It is absolutely clear that a different approach is required if the Heartland is to achieve its ambitions for economic growth in a way which enhances the environment and improves quality of life. Therefore, it makes sense to get a fresh perspective from a new generation of people, whose voices might not traditionally be heard as loudly as their more experienced colleagues.

"We are looking for innovative answers to existing and future challenges and opportunities. So for example, entrants may wish to consider the role of data, new and emerging technologies, policy initiatives and reforms, and spatial planning in improving the transport system of the future."

The deadline for entries is December 13, 2019.

For more information and to submit your entry, please email Adam King on

​Looking for inspiration?

Alongside our own Outline Transport Strategy, you may wish to look at the following documents for inspiration: