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Welcome to our blog on the production of our Transport Strategy, which will be the blueprint for future strategic transport investment across the Heartland area. The strategy is due to go out to consultation in autumn 2018. For more information click here.

February 2018 - Thinking about the visivisionsss.jpgon

What should be the over-arching vision which informs our forthcoming Transport Strategy?

That was the question our Transport Officers group was challenged with having a 'first stab' at answering during its meeting on February 13.

The brain-storming session threw up plenty of ideas, which will now be collated and presented to our Strategic Transport Forum for the consideration of our members.

Vision statements describe an organisation's long-term desired change resulting from its work in a clear, catchy and succinct way - easier said than done!

For example, Google's vision statement is 'to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful' while Disney's is even shorter: 'To make people happy'.

Common themes discussed by the officers' group, which could form part of the Transport Strategy's vision statement, included:

  • Connecting people
  • Reducing journey times
  • An international reputation for education, science, technology and innovation
  • A thriving region with flourishing places
  • An economy that competes for UK Plc

We welcome people's suggestions - please email transport lead Stephen Moody at

Take a look at the results of the brainstorming session, below.

Vision Statement

January 2018 - Evidence base showcased


An interactive map which allows planners to access a wide-range of strategic information for the Heartland region and understand the potential impact of growth was showcased to partners this month.

The GIS web mapping tool, called ProjectView, forms part of the robust evidence base commissioned by England's Economic Heartland to inform its Transport Strategy.

It will be available for use by local partners across the region, including transport and planning authorities, as well as local enterprise partnerships.

Feedback from partners was extremely positive. 

Nadia Al-Sabouni, Business Partner for Transport, Economy & Environment at Buckinghamshire County Council, said: "Projectview seems like a very impressive tool. I have seen many companies that recognise the need to bring lots of different datasets together and allow a non-technical user to interrogate the data, but never have I seen one actually materialise and good to go."

To find out more about ProjectView, see our dedicated webpage.

The showcase included a presentation by consultants WSP on a number of key stats for the EEH region, such as the urban/ rural split and commuting patterns. These can be viewed at

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