Strategic Delivery Partners

The Strategic Delivery Partners group, currently made up of WSP, Kier, Skanska, Jacobs, Volker Fitzpatrick and Ringway Jacobs, brings together the private sector organisations which provide highway services to the transport authorities which make up the Heartland's Alliance.

Heartland partners 

A partnership between the group and the Strategic Transport Forum is currently being developed, which will enable the England's Economic Heartland to gain invaluable insight on infrastructure requirements and leading to a more joined-up approach across the region.

The group will be able to bring strategic delivery input to the planning and management of the Alliance's planned Major Roads Network and could also get involved in the planning and design of major schemes long before they go out to tender, resulting in a more robust proposal which can be delivered at optimum price. It will also act as the Alliance's link to the wider private sector network, able to bring in expertise from its own extensive list of contacts.

The group will also consider how collaborative working could improve performance on existing highway networks; for example, it could look at how greater operational consistency can be achieved throughout the region, with the partners sharing best practice to achieve the highest standards on the ground. This could also include a common standard for network management systems so that information about travel conditions is consistent and joined-up across the whole Heartland area.

The businesses which make up the group each currently provide services to one or more of the member councils, whether as a maintenance or professional services provider. There is also a strong connection to national Strategic Road Network, with most of the group involved in delivering infrastructure services on behalf of Highways England.

Lead officer: Steve Kent:

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