FAQs - Outline Transport Strategy

You may also find our general FAQs page - which explains more about England's Economic Heartland's role - useful.

What is the Outline Transport Strategy?

The Outline Transport Strategy provides the framework for a conversation with people and businesses about the future of the region's transport system. These discussions will play a crucial role in the development of the draft Transport Strategy which will be published in the first half of 2020.

Where are the detailed transport policies and proposals?

Publication of the Outline Transport Strategy marks the start of a conversation with people and businesses about what they want from the region's transport system.  We will use the comments and views gathered through the conversation to help shape the development of detailed policies and proposals.

Where are the environmental and equalities impact assessments?

At this stage we are engaged in a conversation with people and businesses that seeks their views on the future of our transport system.  Environmental and equalities impact assessments will be an integral element of the work to develop detailed policies and proposals for the draft Transport Strategy.

Is what's happening now a formal consultation?

No. This is an informal period of engagement. The challenges and opportunities facing our region are unique and complex. That's why we want to have a conversation with people and businesses focused around what they believe the transport system needs to deliver in the future. There will be a formal period of consultation on the draft Transport Strategy when it is published in 2020.

Who is England's Economic Heartland engaging with?

The engagement is open to all.  We are working with our partners and a wide range of stakeholders to identify opportunities to have a conversation about the future of the region's transport system.  If there is an opportunity or event that you think might want to be part of this conversation please contact the EEH Business Unit (engagement@englandseconomicheartland.com). We are particularly keen to ensure we understand the specific needs and requirements of different transport users, for example those with disabilities or on low incomes. We are also keen to engage with young people through youth parliaments and other channels.

What is the Vision 2050 'competition'?

We're keen to get a fresh perspective from the transport and engineering sectors, so we've  launched a 'competition' asking for students, post graduates and those at an earlier stage in their careers to tell us how they think the transport system needs to change in the decades ahead.

How long is the engagement?

The engagement runs from July 16 to October 31.

How can I have my say?

Responses to the Outline Transport Strategy can be emailed to engagement@englandseconomicheartland.com. The Outline Transport Strategy lists a number of questions at the end of each chapter. We're particularly interested in people's views on these questions, but don't feel you have to answer all of them! Equally, if there's something else you wish to tell us, please feel free to do this. More details about how to get involved are available on our website.

I'd like England's Economic Heartland to engage with my organisation – how do I go about this?

Please contact Communications Executive Adam King (aking@englandseconomicheartland.com).

How will my views/ feedback be used?

A report on feedback received during the engagement period will be produced and published in early 2020.  The Strategic Transport Forum will use the feedback to help shape the overarching Transport Strategy for the region.

What are the next stages in terms of the Transport Strategy?

The period of engagement on the Outline Transport Strategy lasts until  October 31. In parallel, technical work is underway that will provide the underpinning for the draft Transport Strategy.  We will use the output from both to shape the development of detailed policies and proposals for inclusion in the draft Transport Strategy.  We will publish the draft Transport Strategy for formal consultation in the first half of 2020.

Will England's Economic Heartland require specific powers to implement the Transport Strategy?

In parallel to developing the Transport Strategy, we will prepare our detailed proposal to establish England's Economic Heartland as a statutory Sub-national Transport Body. The powers and responsibilities sought through that proposal will be the ones required to enable efficient and cost effective implementation of the Transport Strategy.

"What we need is investment in infrastructure and services."

In the short term the Strategic Transport Forum is working hard with its partners to ensure that the region's investment needs are presented to government, and infrastructure owners.  The draft Transport Strategy will be the framework within which investment decisions for the medium and long term will be taken.