​In parallel with our work on physical infrastructure, a key aim of the Heartland is to improve the region's digital infrastructure.

To help us improve connectivity we will be working with Government and the private sector, to ensure we have a more holistic approach to the way we look at our digital infrastructure requirements.

A test bed for digital infrastructure

In January 2018, the Heartland's political leadership met with a senior civil servant from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and told him EEH is looking to work with the Government to be a test bed for the roll-out of new digital infrastructure.

Justin Leese, Programme Director, Local Full Fibre Networks, at DCMS, outlined a number of Government initiatives and trials aimed at stimulating the telecoms market to invest in more fibre connectivity for homes, businesses and 5G masts.

These include public sector anchor tenancy and site upgrades, Gigabit connection vouchers and reuse of public assets, such as installing fibre cable along rail lines.

EEH Chairman Martin Tett said: "Given the exciting nature of some of our new industries across the whole of the Heartland we want to work very closely with the Government to make sure we are at the forefront of any trials they want to undertake. Whether new digital connectivity, cellular or fibre technology, the Heartland is there to work with Government."


Lead officer: Lyndsey Cox: