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​In parallel with our work on physical infrastructure, a key aim of the Heartland is to improve the region's digital infrastructure.

We are looking into commissioning a study to examine what the constraints are on digital connectivity, the prevalence of so-called 'not spots' in mobile and 3G/ 4G reception and possible solutions.

The Strategic Alliance is also meeting with mobile phone providers to examine how the Heartland could work in partnership with them to improve digital connectivity.

This includes how digital infrastructure can be installed at the same time as physical infrastructure such as road and rail is built.

The ultimate aim is to invest and improve connectivity for our users. To help us with that we will be working with the private sector to enable businesses to do things differently, to ensure we have a more holistic approach to the way we look at our digital infrastructure requirements.

Lead officer: Lyndsey Cox:

01296 382703 |